30 Year Technology Marketing & Sales Veteran Streamlines the Startup Process and Shows...

"How You Can Finally Create the Info Product / Marketing Campaign that Demonstrates Your Expertise Naturally and Authentically - While We Take Care of the Tech Stuff"

From concept to completion - stop spinning your wheels and get booked solid...

Your special skills and knowledge put you in a unique position - If you can reach your ideal clients and deliver the results they want (while giving them what they need).

How well you do this corresponds directly to the value they place on you (and how much you get paid).

Or to cut to the chase, how far you distance yourself from being seen as just another commodity, competing on price in a rapidly descending downward spiral.

Get this right, and not only will you make more money, you'll deliver better results for your clients and customers. (While feeling a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.)

A well designed info product can extend your reach by orders of magnitude and provide the platform for your business or practice to take a quantum leap forward.

Integrating that product with an effective marketing campaign is the key to success. But where do you learn to do it right?

There's a bewildering array of stuff out there. How do you sort through it all? Where do you even begin?

Hold on a minute...

Isn't that how we talk about things? But you aren't making an object or "commodity." You're creating a communication.

Communicate. Community. Communion. They all come from the same root. An ongoing, continuous, living relationship, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

We constantly fall into "commodity" thinking. It's a hard habit to break.

Do you want your clients to see you as a commodity? Not if you want to seem "special" to them. (Do you think of your beloved as "that red headed woman" or "the guy who takes out the trash?")

You're a commodity by default, if they're just looking for someone with the thing - the ju ju, the magic beans, the quick fix.

This desire for instant results is another "product" of this commodity thinking. We've imbibed it with our mother's milk, and it infects us all in more ways than we can imagine. It's worse than just a habit. We're hardcore addicts.

Think about it. We spend a dozen or more years soaking up mass produced education. Eat "fast" and "processed" food. Take pills to lose weight or fix whatever ails us. Work for years as "human resources" in soulless machines called corporations. Fed almost everything we know about the world by a "tube" with television "programming."

That's just the tip of the iceberg...

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...

...is to smack people right out of that way of thinking about you. Not physically - you've got to reach out and grab their attention by the throat. Break their hypnotic spell and slice through the chaos and confusion so they sit up and take notice.

That doesn't mean being loud and obnoxious. Who says used car dealers and tabloid celebrities have to set the standards for how you do things?

You've got to connect in a way that touches their very core. Just like that grandparent, teacher, or friend that got through to you at one of those seminal,  life-altering moments. Was it what they said, or how they said it, or when they said it?  Most likely it was some mixture of all three, but mostly who they were in your eyes.

How do you create that kind of connection?

Your clients will only get life changing results when your message cuts through the doubts, fears, and noises swirling around in their brain like a knife through warm butter - opening up a space for a genuine connection.

It's not just a one shot deal.  You must hold that connection open by continually communicating your value - to existing clients every bit as much as potential new ones. It doesn't end when the check clears, any more than romance when you say "I do."

Doesn't it stand to reason that the more value you can provide, the better you must be at communicating that value - all the way through to the end?

If what you do appears familiar and ordinary, why would anyone notice it?

If it's counter-intuitive or unfamiliar, how do you coax them into trying it - much less stick with it long enough to get tangible results?

The further you pull your client off their comfortable, well worn cattle path, the more naturally they'll resist. What if they quit halfway, and end up worse off than they started? (You know who'll take the blame.)

Even if you could provide instant, recognizable results, would it seem too good to be true?

So you've got two tasks ahead of you:

  • Create a really good information product.
  • Get really good at marketing it.


Well, not exactly...

You see, they're not quite as distinct as you might think. When you get right down to it, not even wise old King Solomon could separate the two.

This will sound odd, if you're still thinking of them as "commodities."  Even the term "info product" misleads down that path. It's easy to think of marketing as just websites, emails, advertising, etc.

If we could separate out the "commodities" along with the rest of the externals we associate with them, what would be left?

Where's the real juice?

You'll only squeeze every last ounce of value out of your knowledge and expertise when you discover how to communicate it with clarity and power to the right audience.

You won't find that out there somewhere, ready made for you to fill in the blanks and slap your name on it.

It has to come from inside you. Deep inside. From who you are. Just like that special person who touched you. How did they do it? There's no formula or recipe for that.

It doesn't come with your diploma or certificate. It's not on any syllabus. No one can anoint you with it. It's not on a schedule.

It isn't something you can break down into parts, like a car engine or jigsaw puzzle. That's more commodity thinking. It's a process - a process of self discovery as much as understanding the people you are looking to serve.

After a decade of working "behind the scenes" with well over a hundred people who have taken this step successfully, and encountering so many others who were struggling to get there, I set out to "reverse engineer" that process. It was clear to me that it must be something that:

  • Is tailored to the individual, bringing out your unique strengths and skills. (Not a "one-size-fits-all" solution)
  • Maximizes efficiency by reducing any effort that doesn't move you forward in your core competency.
  • Minimizes risk both in terms of financial investment and time expenditure.
  • Eliminates the technical barriers that seem to hang up so many people.
  • Provides a solid foundation for moving ahead quickly and building on in the future.

There's a certain quality that makes a painting a "masterpiece," a movie, novel, or song a "classic," or even a house a "home." You can't define it but know it when you see it. Isn't that what you really want to bring forth, especially when you can profoundly impact the course of someones life?

An impossible dream? Maybe. A worthy goal? Only you can answer that. Something you can "paint by the numbers?" Of course not.

It takes a Breakthrough.

That moment when everything falls into place and you find yourself standing on the other side of what once seemed like an insurmountable barrier.

We've all experienced those moments.

You can't predict when it will come, but you can focus all your efforts toward it and put the elements in place.

My first big online marketing breakthrough took about three years, working outside a full time tech sales job. It wasn't a straight line path by any means.

Starting out, like most people, I followed the "jump in the lake to learn how to swim" method. It was a lot like the tech sales job where I was tossed a stack of manuals then told to "beat the streets" after only a week of trying to absorb them.

Sound familiar? (The main difference was I couldn't hide behind a computer screen - I was face to face with live customers.)

The best company I worked for gave me a full month of hands on training with professional instructors. I could bring in specialists for big opportunities, and others were just a phone call away. Managers and colleagues were mentors, and we were incentivized to work together.

Not exactly what you find trying to learn marketing, is it??????

(My engineering background helped me deal with the technical stuff, but it still wasn't easy. I can understand why it's so daunting for non-tech types.)

Partnering with a neighbor, we had generated a few thousand selling an MLM juice through SEO and adwords. But things started to fall into place when I designed an expert teleseminar event called Living Energy Secrets. It played to my neighbor's interests in alternative health and her "gift for gab" as I kidded her. It leveraged my natural skills as a connector and experience in engineering systems.

Our first run through only brought in four or five thousand dollars, but we were only two or three small tweaks away from success. After discovering those through someone I met at a marketing conference (who came on to run the "back end"), we effectively repeated the event and generated $240,000 in sales in four months. This was coming from nowhere as complete unknowns in the competitive "self help" market.

(We added another $600,000 in sales over the next year, in spite of a major life lesson which I'll share more about later on.)

Now it's important to understand the context behind any sales figures you see, and your results will vary wildly. The point is that a breakthrough can lead to exponential growth in a very short time.

But breakthroughs aren't measured in dollars. Our big one came before the pay off, which is why it only took those tiny tweaks to explode our results. We put that 2nd event together in two weeks time, which included lining up all 24 featured experts. Everyone we invited from our first "dud" event happily came back again.

Results are tangible and measurable. Breakthroughs often aren't. Results depend to some degree on outside circumstances or even luck. Breakthroughs don't. Once you've broken through a barrier or obstacle you've established a firm position on the other side of it. You've got a solid foundation to start working on the next step forward. Our "big breakthrough" was the culmination of a series of smaller ones.

A breakthrough is repeatable because you know how you achieved it and can do it again whenever necessary. You can build on it without having to worry about it collapsing under you.

Results are shakier. It's a subtle, but important distinction. Once you get clear about it, the way ahead becomes obvious. Make sure you have a solid understanding of how you got here. (If you don't, it isn't yet a breakthrough.) Then work for the next breakthrough. Develop laser focus on busting through the next barrier.

Getting clear about this process was a major breakthrough for me . I knew there had to be a better way to "take the plunge" into online marketing than the cold hard reality of jumping blindly off the deep end.

Knowing this when I started would have shaved years off my learning curve, and prevented a major disaster that followed my initial success with the teleseminars. Life isn't static. Each new level brings its own set of challenges. In my case, being focused so hard on trying to get something to work, I left the back door cracked and paid dearly for it. My breakthrough wasn't complete, but I didn't know it at the time.

There's a cautionary verse in scripture that says, Having conquered all, to stand. We never really "arrive." It's so easy to lose sight of that when we dive headlong into a new challenge. But as William Wallace said in Braveheart, "As long as you're fighting, you're free!"

My goal became finding a way to shortcut the process for people burning with that kind of passion for their work and the people they serve. Was there a way to "engineer" a series of breakthroughs? A systematic way to arrange the conditions so they happen as quickly as possible?

The result?

A Five Breakthrough Process Called The: 

There are three essential breakthroughs that must happen in order. Each builds on the one before it.  A fourth centers around deeply understanding and owning the breakthrough process, and helps "grease the skids" for achieving the first three. The fifth one we effectively do for you (handle the tech stuff) so you're freed up to put all your focus on the others.

The next challenge was how to take you through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible. It was clear to me that there was no substitute for individual, one-on-one guidance through the three essential breakthroughs. It's too easy to get lost in the weeds trying to do it yourself.

But individual coaching can be expensive so there had to be a way to keep things affordable. The answer was to supplement it with group training sessions to cover the generic parts of the process. I could then focus the individual attention at key points along the way, to keep you moving ahead.

Even better, I've built relationships with an extensive network of people who have successfully implemented the different elements needed in their own businesses. Bringing them in to offer group training and Q&A sessions on those topics would deepen the training by highlighting their experiences. There's no substitute for experience, and no training can account for everything that will come up in real life. But guidance by qualified mentors is the next best thing.

Another crucial element is collaboration. It's one of the most undervalued leverage points in business. From simply sharing stories of struggles and successes with your fellow travelers to developing high level joint ventures, there's nothing that can move you ahead faster than working with others.

Finally, there had to be a way to eliminate the technical barriers so you can focus on the more important things.

Breakthrough #1   Done-For-You 90% of the Technology and Software

To eliminate the biggest barriers right up front, we handle 90% of the tech stuff for you. This includes a website (if you need it) as well as an online product delivery/members area. We'll show you how to create video and audio content, set up your email marketing system, and provide foundational training in the key aspects of traffic and promotion.

This is the number one thing I see hanging people up and it's by far the least important. It's the "commodity" part of what you're doing. It isn't what will get you where you need to be.

Back in my early days online, I paid $10,000 to join an advanced training program on how to write and market an ebook. What was the first thing they taught? How to build a website. Now that wasn't a problem for me, but the group training calls were slowed to a crawl by people who didn't have a clue about where to start. When one of the members asked, "What's a domain name?" I hung up the phone and never went back.

It really bothered me that for $10,000 they wouldn't build these people a website. They paid a lot of money to learn to write a book. Yes, they'll need a website soon enough, but why start there? Let them create their book, and the excitement over completing that will drive them to tackle the next step.

Sorry, but that just gets under my skin. We do this so you can focus on the essential tasks at hand. We'll provide the framework and you'll develop content in the process, so this isn't a boutique design service. But it is more than what you need to get out of the gate.

A lady I spoke with recently was struggling to figure out how to set up her WordPress website. She mentioned that she had just paid someone $12,000 to design her marketing campaign. But that didn't include putting up a website for her, I guess. People paying that kind of money want to move forward.

"One session with Mike saved me $5000."

"One session with Mike saved me $5000. I was about to sign a check to a marketing company for a new website and he was able to guide me through just what I needed for my practice without that big expense."

- Kathleen Szabo (Jewels of Health Holistic Healing Center)

Why 90% and not 100%? There are a couple of things you need to keep control over. Trust me on this. We'll guide you on how to do it, so no need to sweat.?

Breakthrough # Done-With-You Offer Creation

Before you do anything else, you must get crystal clear about what you have to offer. Not just what you "do", but how you were born to do it. You're unique. Your experience, your goals, your way of seeing the world is different than anyone else alive.

Know Thyself is an ancient dictum, but it's a quest that lasts a lifetime. You won't find it overnight. But the closer you get, the more you "stand in your power" and move forward with confidence. It makes everything that follows so much easier and natural.

Working behind the scenes with some of the world's top experts in "energy healing" taught me a lot. Observing how deeply they understood their calling and the work they were doing. How their clarity and sense of purpose would shine through.

We can't see ourselves as others do. Just as we don't like how we sound on a recording (which is exactly how everyone else hears us), we can't be objective about our real strengths and weaknesses. Some of our greatest strengths come so naturally we don't even notice them. We all have chinks in our armor.

That's why I work directly with you one-on-one to do this. You just can't get it from a book or course.

Chances are you're much closer than you think. Just a few little tweaks in your perspective can open up a whole new world of insight and opportunity.

Breakthrough #3  Done-With-You Market Targeting

Once you've got the "you" part down, it's time to discover your target market. Where's the ideal point of connection? Who specifically is looking for you, but just doesn't know it yet? Do you see how this naturally flows from the first breakthrough? If not, you will once you go through the process.

Again, this is a step where I work directly with you one-on-one.

My top teleseminar experts could deeply connect with people and explain the course or program they were offering in a way that was congruent with who they were and what the audience wanted. They didn't need tricks or "hard sells" of any kind.

You're likely working with part of your target market already, not starting from scratch. It's just a matter of digging deeper to uncover that subset hungry for something more than they're getting right now.

When I started Living Energy Secrets, I could count on one hand the number of people I knew who had even heard of energy healing. Yet we built up a list of over 26,000 who were interested in our sub-niche (it's use in physical healing). There were events 10 times larger than ours in the same general niche.

To put that into perspective, less than 2% of people in the US have ever visited a chiropractor. But almost everyone has heard of them.

So your market is out there, unless it's something really obscure. The more tightly you can define it, the better connection you can create.

Breakthrough #4 Done-With-You Marketing Campaign

Now that you're clear on what you have to offer, and who you serve, it's time to create your info product and marketing campaign. Again, this will flow out naturally from the previous breakthroughs. You'll not only know what to say, but how to present it in a way that your clients will achieve their own breakthroughs.

Here's where you'll have your first encounter with technology, in choosing which format(s) to deliver your material. But that decision also flows out from your initial breakthroughs. How do you best come across? Visually, on video or live on stage? Through audio recordings or books and written reports? Or a combination of any or all of these?

This is another stage where I work directly with you one-on-one.

It's also where our team of experienced mentors comes in to play. A professional video producer. A New York Times best selling author who has also self published a book. Social media and advertising experts. They'll help bridge the experience gap and get you up to speed quickly.?

Breakthrough #5 Done-With-You Clarity and Direction

The entire program is structured around a breakthrough methodology that will help you gain clarity and direction quickly.? It was developed by perhaps the most successful "under the radar" marketer alive today. It's not so much a secret as something "hidden in plain sight" because people just don't know to look for it.

One of the best things about working with the topic of energy healing was the focus on clearing internal blocks and limiting beliefs. Just as each of us is endowed with particular physical attributes like hair and eye color, body type, height, and so on, we've got an even more diverse and profound inner world. Temperament, disposition, and emotional traits are just one aspect. Science is beginning to recognize that we carry ancestral memories in our DNA, along with those of the traumas we all take on in day to day life. We're triggered hundreds of times a day, on an unconscious level. So much of what holds us back is buried deeply below the surface.

Remember that whole "commodity" thing? We've all been processed and homogenized to some degree. It can't be any healthier for us than the tasteless, white watery stuff that passes for milk these days. 

No program would be complete without recognizing how this affects both you and your clients. It has to be accounted for.

With all the trials and frustrations of running my teleseminars, I was constantly reminded to re-calibrate my attitude, and focus on a positive mindset, just by listening to our interviews. It was perfect reinforcement of principles we all need to learn.

Most of our team of mentors are specialists in these techniques. They're people I know and have worked with first hand. They'll provide training in these areas as well.

The Core Philosophy

Get YOU Right and the Rest is Details

(and we've got the details handled...)

The goal is to introduce you to more people who want and need what you can offer. Enlarging your sphere of influence by putting you out there in a bigger way. The more clear and transparent you become about what you have to offer, the better you'll be able to communicate it. The better you communicate it, the more you'll connect with your ideal clients and customers and the better results they'll receive.

Once you achieve this breakthrough, you'll build a solid foundation that makes your core business even stronger. The marketing "details" will start to fall into place. Any other approach will leave you scattered and expending unnecessary time and energy.

The Breakthrough Factory was built from the ground up to address this costly mistake made by so many people. Highly intelligent and successful practitioners and business owners I met at expensive seminars were rushing past these essential steps and jumping right into the technical stuff. It's easy to understand why, as no one back home understood what they were doing, and everyone at the seminar was focused on themselves. How could they get objective feedback and guidance?

As good as these seminars were (and there are excellent DIY training programs out there) they can't provide the objectivity provided by a one-on-one coach. But individual coaching can be expensive, and most people put it off until they think they can afford it. Even then, how do you choose the one that's right for you?

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Running a successful small business or practice is no easy task, and requires a lot of focus that's often 180 degrees opposite of what's required of a good marketer. Most of the successful energy healing experts we worked with had a marketing specialist who handled things so they could concentrate on their work.

I still remember cold calling one and explaining the teleseminar project. His immediate response was, "No way, we can't do that, we don't make that much on our products!" but he did let me talk with his marketing specialist. Her first reaction? "This is a GREAT idea, we'll definitely do it!" They went on to do well on our events and others, making them a staple of their marketing efforts.

When you're learning to play a musical instrument or swing a golf club, good instruction at the very beginning is essential. Otherwise you can develop bad techniques and habits that will hinder your ability to ever perform at a high level.

Choosing a good marketing coach at the beginning is just as important, but why should you have to place a large bet on picking the right one? I wasted ten grand on a program that looked great, and may have been, but the way it was designed was holding me back.

Is there a better way?

I believe so. Twenty-five plus years in technical sales taught me how to approach this problem. Each day I had to visit customers, quickly assess what they were doing, figure out what they wanted to achieve, and determine if and how my products could get them there. I had to communicate those solutions to everyone from the engineering geeks to the non technical purchasing agents to close the sale.

My customers were busy. Under extreme pressure and deadlines, with a million things to keep track of. Often they weren't in a position to calmly and quietly think through the "big picture" while constantly putting out fires. They were in a rush even though they would have to live with this decision for years, as this equipment cost thousands of dollars (some units even more than a house).

The more quickly and effectively I could uncover the big picture, the better I could differentiate my solutions from competitors, and avoid battles based on price. The bigger the project, the higher the stakes, the fiercer the competition, the more "cooks in the kitchen" and potential traps and pitfalls.

I had to understand my own equipment well. There's no way to fake it (not that I didn't have to try on occassion - not pretty). But without the ability to quickly assess each situation, and communicate how I could provide the solution they needed, that knowledge was useless.

I couldn't sit and wait for the phone to ring. Constantly on the hunt, seeking out opportunities and pouncing on them, the earlier in the process the better. I had dozens of these going on at any given time, in various stages. It was quite a juggling act.

Through my teleseminars and other events, I've been involved with at least 175 different product packages. Our experts had to offer unique variations of their products at a significant discount while giving us a 50% cut. This took a lot creative wrangling at times. Sometimes we helped them create everything from scratch.

Needless to say, I had a bird's eye view of what worked and what didn't work so well.

My breakthrough insight was to combine strategically focused one-on-one coaching at essential places along the "critical path", and cover everything else in groups. This would keep the program affordable.

Drawing on a team of experts who could share their real world expertise would shorten the learning curve. There's no substitute for experience, and you learn by doing, so why not make the process as efficient as possible?

A third element is the group mastermind where members can interact with each other and the experts. This allows for more objective interaction to help round out the insights and learnings.

The mindset element is critical in my experience, and having the perfect team assembled to provide that made it a no brainer.

Eliminating the technical hurdles allows you to focus on one thing at a time.

Tying everything together is the revolutionary breakthrough process. It's not widely known, yet, but you'll be among the first outside an inner circle to learn it.?

How is this different than other marketing programs?

This isn't a step-by-step course or "recipe" guide. Your experience is tailored to your needs. (If you have a course or program you're trying to work with, we can help you through it.)

In fact, we take almost the opposite approach from typical programs . We want to remove as much as possible so you can focus entirely on the next breakthrough. It's that concentration of energy and effort on a single point that accelerates the process.

"He removed the technical barriers which saved me hours of time and effort."

"Mike was able to help me put all the parts together in a clear and logical manner. He removed the technical barriers which saved me hours of time and effort. His calm, assuring manner was a big boost to my confidence..."

- Jeanne Capodano (Training Specialist)

You work at your own pace, drawing on my coaching when you need it. Not by our schedule, but yours. The group training is recorded and available on-demand, and live the Q&A sessions are archived as well.

There is no time limit as breakthroughs don't occur on schedule. Once you're in, you're a member for life.

The goal is to get you oriented and up to speed quickly so you can save the years of "wandering in the wilderness" so many of us have gone through.

Imagine waking up in a strange country, out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but the clothes on your back. What you need more than anything is a way to find your bearings. Someone to help you get oriented, figure out where you are point you in the right direction. Your very survival is at stake.

It's not designed to be the only marketing training you'll ever need. Rather it's a starting point and "home base" you can return to whenever you need. We want to take you all the way through the process of getting your product and marketing in place. It's always easier to go through things a second time.?

?You'll go through this process several times as you evolve and grow in your business. It's like the "teaching you to fish" analogy we've all heard. Completing the process is itself a breakthrough.

Failure isn't an option

Have you seen that 80% of the breakthrough process moves you forward in your core business? There's no way you can lose by going through the steps outlined above. Each one gives you a deeper understanding of a key element of your business.

There's no need to be concerned about being an "expert" or "guru" of some sort. You're doing what you love and serving others in the process. Celebrity can bring you more attention, but also set up unrealistic expectations.

It's all about getting started. Getting in the game changes everything. What are you waiting for?

Who should join the Breakthrough Factory?

Professionals, practitioners, authors, coaches or anyone looking to build or enhance their business by packaging and marketing their knowledge and expertise.

People selling "commodities" locally or via Amazon or other online outlets who want to add value and move away from competing based on price alone.

Small business owners who want to differentiate their businesses through advanced marketing techniques. It's a great way to understand all the options (like SEO, adwords, even "traditional marketing") available to you and have a friendly base from which to assess them.

Anyone seriously interested in internet marketing who wants to figure out the best way forward and has some useful skill or experience to offer. It isn't always something immediately recognizable and obvious.

Who it is not for:

Anyone looking for a "get rich quick" scheme or "make money online" program that doesn't put the interests of clients and customers first.

What you'll find in the Breakthrough Factory

Custom Fit for You

Direct, on-on-one individual focus on you. Together we determine your unique strengths,  then your ideal market. We continue to guide you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Experienced Guides

Specialized group training from a team of accomplished experts and an interactive group mastermind to provide shorten the learning curve and provide invaluable experience.

No Tech Hang Ups

Completed product and marketing campaign, including a website and product delivery/members area. We remove the technical barriers so you can focus on the core elements.

What is the Breakthrough Factory

A place custom designed to move you from abstract theory

to concrete results in the shortest time possible.

It's where you turn on Monday morning when the hoopla and “rah rah” from the weekend is a distant echo reflected in the blank screen staring back at you.

When that sinking feeling mirrors the fading tail lights of the delivery truck as you sift through the big box of endless "stuff." It all looked so straight forward during the webinar...

Look, you're no slouch. You've built a successful business. You aren't afraid of a challenge.

You're ready to step up in a bigger way. But you've got a lot on your plate already.

Who needs to reinvent the wheel?

You don't have to sew your own clothes, or cobble your own shoes...

Isn't it high time the Information Age

met the Industrial Revolution?

It has in the Breakthrough Factory

The Breakthrough comes when you see how all the elements fit together in the way that’s right for you... not some generic “avatar.”

The Factory is the streamlined process that produces the output you want – the product or campaign that amplifies you in your market.

Get the essential direct focus on you, streamlined training from experienced specialists and the support of like minded folks on the same journey.

You have to walk the path. We bring along the experience and guidance to smooth out the bumps and point out the pitfalls and dead ends.

All the way through the process.

Mike Broadwell is the creator and producer of well over a dozen joint venture events, including the groundbreaking Living Energy Secrets teleseminar series.

His 25 years’ experience in technical sales, marketing, and product development provide him with a unique technical and creative skillset.

This is a 28 minute interview that provides the background and overview of the program.

Core Elements of the Breakthrough Factory 

Individual coaching through the entire process

Direct, objective guidance in developing and streamlining your USP/ Market / Game Plan

4 hours of one-on-one coaching with Mike. A deep dive into understanding the you part of the process, and how everything revolves around that.

Coaching is spaced out along with the group training, as you need it, when you need it. You can focus on how to bring each element into your core strategy. Follow your own schedule at your pace.

Group Training with our team of experienced experts

Learn from specialists with decades of real world experience in all areas of marketing

Shortcut the learning curve by leaning on the experience shared by our team of specialists. They don't just teach theory, they use these skills every day.

Training includes live Q&A sessions and hot seats, all recorded for access on your schedule.

Mastermind Group for connecting and growing

Interact with others going through the same process to build relationships and joint venture projects.

Sharing your journey with others along the path helps round out what you're learning. Working together is one of the fastest ways to move forward, and is so often neglected in by small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Concrete Results - Product, Website, Campaign

Any factory must produce something concrete, and we're no different. We'll take you through the complete product creation process.

You'll also get a website (if you need it) and a product delivery/membership website to deliver your product.

We handle the technical stuff so you can move forward quickly. No need to spin your wheels trying to figure it all out. 

Lifetime Access to ongoing training and Mastermind

Things change quickly in the world of marketing, so you can always drop in and get a refresher or update on what's new.

You'll also have ongoing access to the Mastermind group, where you can continue relationships begun in the program, and meet new people as they come along.

We want to be an ongoing resource and a home where you'll always be welcomed.?

The Clear Way Forward...


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No hype or pressure.  We're so confident in the amount of value we're providing, that we don't need to rush you into making a decision. This needs to be right for both of us.

Low-risk: the first call requires just a $100 deposit. If, after that call, in the unlikely case it is a bad match and you are unsatisfied, you can opt to not continue.

No-risk: furthermore, if a refund is desired at that point, it will be granted.

?Try our risk free introductory session and see for yourself.  The best way to make an informed decision is to schedule your first coaching session for a nominal fee. (This is just to keep away the "tire kickers" who aren't fully committed.)

This session is not a "sales pitch" in any way. We treat you as if you've already joined the program, and dive directly into your first hour long coaching session. It's where we focus on the you part of the process. What's your USP? Where can you best leverage your unique skills, experience and perspectives?  

After a full hour session, you'll have a clear idea of what our coaching is like, and how it can work for you. It's up to you if you want to pay the balance and continue in the program.? We'll schedule additional time after your full session for you to ask any questions about the program.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • 4 Hours of individual one-on-one coaching as you need it.
  • Group training from our team of experts
  • Interactive Mastermind Group
  • Completed product, website, and product delivery site.
  • Lifetime access.

All this for just:

$2997?  $1997

Special Launch Price

Initial one hour trial coaching session is available for $100, refundable if you don't find it valuable to you.

Already have a website and just want the coaching and training? We'll cut the price in half for you. Go ahead and schedule your trial session and we'll work it out on the backside.

Schedule Your Trial Session Now!

This is a full one hour initial coaching session, fully refundable if you don't find value.

100% Risk Free Trial Session

Secure Checkout

You are fully protected by our 100% Risk Free Trial Policy. Due to the amount of personal coaching and technical setup time involved, we cannot provide refunds once you join the program. This is why we offer the first coaching session for a nominal deposit with a full refund if you don't find value in the session.

We hope that you will make an informed decision and are happy to answer any questions to make sure you fully understand the scope of what is being offered.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Who are the experts involved in the group trainings?

Why a no refund policy?

What sort of schedule does the program follow?

I'm still not clear on how all this works...

Why the special introductory price?